How would you reply to me if I told entrances check, localisation services or information exchange are no more at click, but automatic?
For a few years we have been hearing talking about NFC that is Near Field Communication. It is a technology which is a set of communication protocols that enables two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm (1.6 in) of each other. NFC uses the magnetic induction, which is produced between the reader and the tag, suppling the data transfer.

Ok, but how can this technology help me?
Easy one: NFC cards can be set up for every needs of yours both electronicals and graphic. Size, shape, layout and memory can be customised. A very common way to use these badges is as business card. You can watch all information you want behind a simple card, going beyond the classical functions of a “normal” business card. Go beyond the look of the simplest thing to grab every single aspect these badges hide. NFC technology is not just used for business cards, but also for enabling entrances for expos, pools and fitness clubs. For example it has covered for the “classical” key in the hotels.

Our NFC cards go from the simplier and classical, neutral white or color printing to 3D ones and with LED integrated. Both Cards and NFC badges carry out their task even in their simpliness and aesthtic richness: contain every needed information for whom uses them and transfer all of them as quickly as possible.

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    Buisness card NFC

    NFC Business Card

    Graphic, shap and more can bu customised in your NFC card. Our business cards have different possible chips from the Mifare Classic 4K to the Ultralight EV1, variable memories and various possible text lenght. Which one should you pick? Contact us and we will you set up the most suitable card to suprise people with which your will talk.
    Card Hotel RFID

    RFID Hotel card

    RFID card, more precisely HF or NFC hotel card for hotels, resorts, wellness centers and gyms. Graphic, shape and moreover can be customised. It's available with different chips and memories according to your needs and application. It can be ordered in batch of 100, 1000 or more. Contact us to know more about and furthermore getting a quotation.
    card 3D NFC

    3D NFC card

    3D RFID Card is one of our latest product as it mixes NFC technology with the entangling aesthetics of 3D, where the same card can change up to three pictures. Furthermore size and graphic can be customised. The card is made of PVC to be light, flexible and resistant.

    RFID badge

    RFID badges are plastic cards with the size of a credit card that can be read and written with appropriate readers in a contactless way. It is also possible to write and modify the information in the chip memory, protect the data with a password, have a unique identification code for each badge. These RFID badges can be customized in the graphics, with barcode or QR Code and use any technology (RFID LF, HF, UHF and NFC).

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