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Who’s IDnova? Hardware Division

IDnova manufactures and markets solutions for automatic radio frequency identification, RFID. Born from the meeting of the design skills in RFID technology of Cesvit Microelettronica srl ​​and from the industrial skills of Rotas Italia srl, a company producing labels for over 40 years. It is specialized in offering companies and system operators RFID solutions that are easily integrated, customizable and functional.

Who’s IDnova? RFid Labelling Division

Take Materials (e.g. paper, plastic film etc) and Adhesives (e.g. permanent, removable etc).
We work with them in the shapes and dimensions you will ask for (e.g. rectangular, round, etc.), also in thickness,  in 3D.
We can produce white or coloured labels, and we can print them with the logos, drawings and words you need.
We decide with you the combination of chip, memory and antenna (there are potentially thousands of possibilities) in the Radio Frequency (RF) most suitable for the purpose.
We deliver labels on silicone (yes: we can also choose the one together): both in Roll and Fanfold. But also Single or Sheet.
The undisputed quality of our labels is the result of experience gained in a process of continuous and constant search for improvement.
Mastery and Professionalism, but also attention and controls on the “Your” Labels: both the Visible part and the technological component in Radio Frequency (chip and antenna).

Call us: it is the right way to find your solution and the beginning to make a good deal.


Fabbrica Intelligente (Intelligent Company) Cluster members since 2013


Registration to the Italian Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Registry)

Adesione al Consorzio Nazionale Raccolta e Riciclo

Part of the Consorzio Nazionale Raccolta e Riciclo (National Collection and Recycling Consortium)

IDnova - A World of RFID solutions

Realizzazione di prodotti e sistemi RFID personalizzati

Development of products and RFID systems according to customer requirements.

Progettazione e pianificazione

Design and planning.

Studi di fattibilità

Feasibility study.

Servizi di installazione

Installation service.

Assistenza e supporto tecnico

Service and technical support.

Servizi di consulenza

Advisory Service.


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