Custom Labels

WINDSHIELD tag RFID parabrezza

The label is not just thought to identify the product, but as security device too. It can be a protection against counterfeiting and tampering attempts. If you wonder the purposes of a label is just price, size and provenance showing you are wrong.

We can design and develop new kinds of label with RFID technology integrated in it too. In this way you do not darken your product but you guarantee an easy identification and tracking. This particular tag cam be conceived to mix the precise and delicate label’s craft with the radio frequency technology. A solution to help your product, to bring it out.

Our labels, therefore, are different according to their function: we have a wide range of labels you can use in logistics, tracking, identification, anticounterfeiting and to security.

etichette rfid

Custom RFID Labels

RFID labels can be customised according to your needs, you can personalise not just graphic or adhesive kind, but also, and above all, the technology with which they will be set up. Our RFID labels can be NFC, HF or UHF and they can be applied either on metal objects or other materials.
etichetta ultradistruttibile antimanomissione

Security Labels

Our labels are not just aesthetically good-looking or only functional for your purpose, but they are conceived for the security of your items. They can be customised according to your needs. A world of not only RFID solutions for you.
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