RFID UHF Antennas

UPC-10: RFID UHF Short Range directive antenna

Short range antenna with a reading distance up to 3 mt, it is ideal for industrial applications. It has excellent performance if installed on metal, it’s compact and solid, simple to install with screw or plastic cable ties.
Antenna UHF direttiva IDN UPA-12

IDN UPA-12: short-range directive UHF antenna

UPA-12 is a mid range antenna with reading distances of up to 5 meters and ideal for working with any type of UHF reader / writer.
Antenna UHF direzionale UPA-25

UPA25: RFID antenna directive in UHF band

Directive antenna in UHF band. It combines high performance and compact dimensions. Suitable for midrange and longrange readers, it offers high reading reliability thanks to circular polarization.
Antenna UHF omnidirezionale Contarina

Conta: Omnidirectional UHF RFID antenna

Antenna designed for on-board installations on lorry collection trucks. The particular internal design of the antenna exploits the metal mass plane offered by the truck as a reflector for greater directionality in the irradiation of power.
Antenna Omnidirezionale RFID UHF UDP20

UDP-20-H: RFID antenna operating in UHF band

UHF dipole RFID antenna equipped with SMA connector. The really small size and good performance make the antenna find application for document identification, return of goods, inventory management and warehouses
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