We have arrived in Barcelona! Opening of the new commercial headquarters​​


We are pleased to announce a new and important stage in our growth path: the opening of a new commercial office in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This significant step allows us to strengthen our presence in Europe and be even closer to our international customers.

Why Barcellona?
Barcelona, ​​with its vibrant technological and innovative ecosystem, is the ideal location to expand our operations. This dynamic city offers us the opportunity to collaborate with new entities, promoting our cutting-edge RFID solutions.

Cosa offriamo:​ Nella nuova sede di Barcellona, i nostri partner potranno beneficiare di:​ ​ Soluzioni ICT custom: Progetti su misura per ogni esigenza aziendale.​ Produzione di etichette RFID : Alta qualità e creazione di etichette personalizzate.​ Supporto tecnico avanzato: Assistenza dedicata per ottimizzare i processi aziendali.​ Collaborazioni strategiche: Sinergie con partner locali e internazionali per creare valore aggiunto.​

What we offer:​
In the new headquarters in Barcelona, ​​our partners will be able to benefit from:

  • Custom ICT solutions:: Tailor-made projects for every business need.
  • Production of RFID labels: High quality and customized label creation.
  • Advanced technical support: Dedicated assistance to optimize business processes.
  • Strategic collaborations: Synergies with local and international partners to create plus value.

Our commitment

The opening of this location is part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and service excellence. We are determined to offer competitive technical solutions, first-class customer service and maintain our position as the go-to company for those looking for a technology solution provider.

L'apertura di questa sede è parte del nostro impegno continuo verso l'innovazione e l'eccellenza nel servizio. Siamo determinati a offrire soluzioni tecniche competitive, un servizio clienti di prima classe e a mantenere la nostra posizione quale azienda di riferimento per chi cerca un solution provider in ambito tecnologico.​

Thank you for your continuous support and for being part of our growth journey.

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