Reader RFID HF RD200

IDN-200-U: UHF USB RFID Desktop Reader

Compact and elegant version, it can be easily used via USB connection. Equipped with keyboard emulation mode or virtual COM port. Compatible with UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 Communication Standard; ISO 18000-6C. Working in read / write mode and with a high read / write sensitivity, for reading distances up to 20 cm.
IND-ICP lettore RFID di tag HF con USB 2

URDD ICP, USB: Desktop RFID reader with built-in antenna

Table UHF RFID reader with built-in antenna and control LED. Operates in the UHF 862-955 MHz frequency band. The URDD ICP reader is equipped with a multi-color optical control system, which provides useful and timely feedback to the user.
ICXP lettore RFID di tag passivi HF con Ethernet 2

URDD ICXP, Ethernet: UHF USB RFID reader / writer

Short range desktop reader / writer with Ethernet communication interface (RJ45) for reading UHF tags, with credit card size, Plexiglas housing. Player operating in the UHF band 862-955 MHz
IDN-RDD-A4 Lettore RFID per Tag HF con USB

URDD A4, USB: UHF USB reader / RFID writer

Desk reader / writer for reading UHF RFID tags. DIN A4 size and Plexiglas case. It offers a large support surface for greater ease of use in multiple object reading solutions.
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