On-metal tagOn-metal tags are high temperature resistant and with an high rate of protection. HF and UHF technology are available

Tag on metal UHF ID800-OXE
Tag on metal UHF resistenti alle alte temperature 2
Tag on metal UHF resistenti alle alte temperature 1


On-metal tags are radio frequency identification devices working on different frequencies. Our on-metal tags are available with HF or UHF technology. This kind of tag is made of a termoplastic cover which guarantees an high rate of protection and resistance. We have an extended range of on-metal tags and we usually offer products with an high rate of protection and above all resistance features to make them suitable for the application which you need. We design them from time to time in order that they can keep satisfing your request. These tags have a high resistance to high temperature too. Variable data according to each on-metal tag.

They are designed to be applied on metalic surfaces in different ways, so they have the benefit to be completely versatile for every kind of application. This kind of tags can be fixed with foam, adhesive, a magnetic band, clamp or rivets.

On-metal tags have a solid design for long term use in industriaol environment and outdoor too. They are suited for tracking, logistics, postal and industrial production process.


  • Logistic

  • Production tracking

  • Industrial productive process

  • Storage management

  • Asset tracking

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