IDN-LDU102Flexible spring laundry UHF tag

This tag is designed based on spring and silicone base material, small size, great reading rate and perfect reading distance reaching 6 meters.

Also it is with water-proof, flexible and high washing cycle ability. Up to 225 wash or dry cleaning cycles for use in any RFID hotel, spa, retirement home, sports club laundry and linen management application.


  • Asset tracking

  • Laundry
  • Clothing

specifications sheet

RFID standard

ISO/IEC 18000-6 tipo C (EPC Gen2

Size and Weight


Chip Type

Ali3en Higgs-3

EPC memory

da 96 bit a 480 bit

User memory

512 bit

Reading range

902-920 MHz 3.0-7.0m
866-868 MHz 3.0-6.0m


Cucitura; inserimento

Estimated Lifetime

225 cicli di lavaggio o 3 anni

Washing method

Lavanderia; lavaggio a secco

Water Extaction pressure

60 bar

Water resistance

Resistente all’acqua

Chemical resistance

Detersivo; ammorbidente;
candeggina (ossigeno / cloro); alcali.

Heat sterilization

125°C per 15-20 min – 150 cicli

Heat resistance

Asciugatura: 85C° (Fino a 60min – 120C° Fino a30 min)Stiratura: 230°C (Fino a 60sec. Con la pressione dei vestiti)


-20 to 50C°; 10 to 95%RH


-40 to 55C° 8 to 95%RH
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