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This tag is suited for identification and tracking capabilities in rugged or hazardous use-areas.

This  high temperature resistant tag can be mounted to any metallic surface by either welding or bolting the tag and it can withstand very high temperature (consistent temperatures of 300 degrees Centigrade), pressure and environmental conditions.


  • Asset tracking

  • Warehouses

  • Factories

  • Harsh conditions

specification sheet

Operating frequency

865-869 MHz (EU) – 902-928 MHz (US)

Air interface protocol

EPCGlobal Class1Gen2 – ISO 18000-6C (-63)

EPC memory

Standard: 128 bit | Optional: Up to 240 bit

Reading distance

1 – 2 meters

Applicable surfaces

Any material.


Shell: Nickel-plated steel shell with high-temperature ceramic filler | Spacer: High temperature plastic

Tag dimension

60x45x35 memory

Standards compliancy

ISO 17665 – Sterilization of Health Care Products – Moist Steam | ISO 11135 – Sterilization of Health Care Products – Ethylene Oxide | ATEX-compliant – RoHS compliant

Operating temperature

-50ºC to +300ºC | -50ºF to +600 ºF

Peak temperature

+350ºC / +700ºF @ 1 hour duration

Temperature Cycling Test

6 Hours at 300 deg C | 18 hour cool-down | 30-day test cycle


Weldable or boltable
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