Stone and  Marble

Stone and marble processingWhy use RFID technology for stone and marble processing?

  • Reduction of errors

  • Process automation

  • Quicker operations

Automatic Inventories

  • Automatic reading and counting of the single plates

  • Traceability of uniquely identified slabs

  • Search for a lost plate

  • Inventory in real time


  • Processing management

  • Automatic control of the progress of the processing phases in real time

  • Association between product and order


  • Verification of the shipping documents

  • Consistency between goods and recipients

  • Speed ​​of verification of every single shipment

  • Association between case and transported plates

RTLS (Real Time Location System)

  • Find where it is without searching

  • RFID gate Check point

  • Lifters setup

  • Overhead cranes setup

RFID tags

  • RFID IDnova labels specific for application on stone or marble

  • Resistant to mechanical and environmental stresses of processing (water, temperature, etc)

  • RFID labels can replace traditional barcode labels and be applied in the same way

  • Creating customized labels in graphics and technical characteristics

How to integrate the RFID TECHNOLOGY with existing systems

IDnova is able to develop MIDDLEWARE softwares that allow a simplification in the interfacing of the field hardware components with already existing IT systems or third party software.

Thanks to the internal software development department, IDnova can guarantee its customers complete integration for the implementation of any type of solution.

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