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IDN GUIDEFork lifts anti-collision auxiliary system

IDN-GUIDE is an innovative auxiliary driving system that manages automatically the speed of vehicles during the passages in specific collision risk areas. The system is complete and easy to install in the work environments, as for example warehouses, storages etc.

IDN-GUIDE is a flexible and scalable system. In its basic configuration it is formed by equipment to install both in the fork lifts and close to the passages where an alert is necessary. The one installed in the vehicle is equipped with proper optical/audio warning tools. With the collaboration of the vehicle manufacturer it has been possible to add a speed reduction functionality to the fork lifts.

IDN-GUIDE for vehicles is compact and is equipped with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) integrated antenna. The system is versatile, and, depending on the vehicle manufacturer, it is possible to apply the automatic speed control to different functions of the fork lift (for example, maximum speed, maximum lifting, lights power).

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IDN-GUIDE passage system is made by multiple RFID signal units that communicate through our protocol with the systems installed in the vehicles, transmitting “fast” or “slow” commands.

IDN-GUIDE’s mode of operation from “normal” to “slow” mode is simple: the on-board system detects the presence of the passage unit and activates a signal or the actual slowing down of the vehicle.
The “slow” mode is maintained until the fork lift escapes from the specific area, through the same passage or another one equipped with the same technology. Each mode of operation’s variation can be advised in real time to the on-board operator.

IDN-GUIDE -advanced update is also possible, it adds the functionality of both anti collision control between vehicles and between man/vehicle.

IDN-GUIDE is made with IDnova’s active tags and readers. This makes possible a wide range custom settings for any kind of application and also during the test period.

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