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Find by LightLocationing system

Sometimes finding a certain object can be difficult. Especially when it’s surrounded by similar objects either with the same shape or when it’s been placed without a precise order. A bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Find By Light is the innovative and valuable RFID tracking system for the fast and efficient detection of goods in stock. IDNOVA®, a leader in the last twenty years in the field of tracking and tracing of goods and people with RFID technologies, has developed a special tracking system (RTLS or Real Time Location System) that indicates the location of the pallet or goods to be picked. The RTLS Find By Light System allows you to make a query and be guided to the area where the products you are looking for are located. Here you can send a blink command to the tag associated with the goods you’re looking for in order to quickly identify the load to be picked. The RTLS Find by Light solution allows us to indicate the area of the warehouse where the samples or loads you want to collect are located and then to indicate the exact location with an active tag that is flashing.

How does it work?
In each area where the objects to be traced are stored, one or more detection units are installed. A special RFID Light Tag is applied to each object to be monitored and it emits a locating signal. The detection unit is able to communicate the position of the active industrialized TAG (or alternatively of the TAG BLE). Upon the request of the operator, this RFID label receives a blink command and starts flashing. Then, when the signal is received, the RFID Light Tag lights up, making it immediately localized by the personnel involved.

light tag RFID


The RFID tag lights up on operator’s command.


  • Reduction of the wasted time in all the procedure.
  • Simple: Find by Light is equipped with an user-friendly interface that makes it possible to send the ignition input to the Light Tag with a click.
  • Safe: based on IDN24 Technology, it is harmless for people’s health, and does not affect other devices in the same place.
  • Customizable for specific needs
  • Totally discreet and not invasive for the staff.
  • Compact: it has a strong case also for outdoor use, which includes all the tools.
  • Wi-Fi connection.

Main features

Lights up on the search command transmission.

Find by Light includes the software for the association of the data of the Light Tag to the object to customize the signal and calibrate the distance of detection.

The RFID locationing system has a user-friendly interface.

Find by Light - Kit

Starter Kit:

  • 1 reading control unit
  • 1 Omnidirectional antenna
  • 5 Light Tags
  • Software for Windows OS

Premium Kit:

  • 1 reading control unit
  • 1 Omnidirectional antenna
  • 1 Directive antenna
  • 10 Light Tags
  • Software for Windows OS

Kit Gold:

  • 1 reading control unit
  • 1 Omnidirectional antenna
  • 1 Directive antenna
  • 20 Light Tags
  • Software for Windows OS
  • Android app
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