CUSTOM TRACKERThe first self-customizable cloud platform. Integrated solution for traceability, identification and logistics.


CUSTOM TRACKER is a cloud platform that allows you monitoring activities both on site and on the move. Through an user friendly APP and a WEB dashboard, each company can track any action that is performed in real time, identify assets, check the history of activities, update and certify processes, and so on.

How it works


  • Waterworks
  • Energy
  • TLC & IT
  • Gas
  • Transport
  • Industry


  • User Friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Self customizable
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • Error reduction & time saving
  • Not requiring Infrastructure
  • language ITA/EN
  • tecnology barcode / RFID NFC
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    Do you need a customized RFID solution?