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CaressAccess surveillance system

Caress is a precious tool to monitor, through the RFID technology, the passages of patients, above all those with behavioral disorders (like the Alzheimer’s disease), in order to avoid their exit from their assigned area.

IDnova, 20-year-old leader company in RFID monitoring, has developed a surveillance system that records the approach of patients to forbidden areas.

Social Home Automation.
Caress is ideal for retirement homes and its developement comes directly from IDnova’s most tested and technologically advanced systems for social home automation both indoor and outdoor, “Smart City”.

How it works
A special RFID Caress Tag is given to every patient, it sends a localization signal. The control unit will produce an acoustic or light signal in the case of a patient approaching a determined protected area or to a controlled exits.
The Caress Tag is safe and discreet, easy to install and not invasive for patients.

Detection unit

Applicazioni RFID Caress sistema di sorveglianza controllo accessi

Device for indoor/outdoor use that emits acoustic or light signals.


  • Increase the safety level of the whole structure.
  • Simple: the surveillance sustem is supplied turnkey: it’s operative immediately after the plug connection.
  • Safe: based on IDN24 Technology, it is harmless for people’s health, and does not affect pacemakers or other hospital’s devices.
  • Customizable for specific needs
  • Totally discreet and not invasive for patient
  • Compact: it has a strong case also for outdoor use, which includes all the tools.
  • Wi-fi connection

Main features

Light or acoustic signal in case of patient’s approach to the detector.

Software to customize the signal and edit the distance of detection.

Integrated backup battery to guarantee the surveillance in case of lack of electricity.

Fitted with advanced functions like:

  • automatic lock/unlock of the door;
  • remote alarms;
  • video surveillance activation;
  • reports;
  • antitheft for objects with attached tags.

Starter Kit:

  • 1 control unit for the detection (light/acoustic signal system, power supply, antenna, wifi module, backup battery included).
  • 10 Caress Tags with support.
  • Windows OS Software for the personalization of the detection parameters.
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