IDnova produces complete systems in RFID technology for the traceability of assets and processing progress for the Automotive, Foundries and Industrial Paintings sector.

IDnova provides a wide range of RFID tags for the automatic recognition of both metallic and non-metallic assets, even after painting.
IDnova’s special RFID tags resist high temperatures for prolonged exposures, they resist electroplating, sandblasting, painting and offer a practical and effective system to enable the functionality of production management, blockchain control and an easy way to enter the world of Industry 4.0

How to identify after painting?

The use of paints and chemical treatments has always given rise to identification problems during and after processing when using identification systems such as labeling, barcode or QRcode. Solvents often remove labels and paint covers them, making them unusable.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology overcomes this problem by using an identification system that is not based on direct visibility of the label.

The automatic recognition systems of the assets as they pass through the gate recorded the registration of entry and exit operations.
In real time, or in stand-alone mode, the number and unique identifiers of the assets will be known, transits and presences within the area of ​​interest can be traced and data flow can be managed (WME, WMS generation and database management , reporting), locally and on a central server, through dedicated software.

RFID gates can be sized and installed according to the specific needs of an application, they can perform a massive identification of assets in transit, if equipped with appropriate RFID TAGs.

The IDnova gates can implement the activity of sound and light indications, and operate both in stand alone and grid-connected mode.
The data can be saved locally, on a server on the network, or forwarded to third party systems.

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    Do you need a customized RFID solution?