Tag Pass A4RFID Card provided as printable A4 papersheet

Tag-Pass-A4-RFID foglio stampabile
It is provided as A4 papersheet with the integrated RFID tag for identification and/or entrance check.

Tag Pass A4 has an adhesive card shape part which will be detached from the paper, folded along the perforation and then it will be programmed with an appropriate RFID device. It works as contactless recorder of passage through check points or even linked to opening and closing gates devices. Entries can be customised and tied to the kind of user, timetable, intervals, areas etc.


  • Customer can print variable data through office printer.

  • User adjustable printing at the request of the customer.

  • UHF, HF or NFC technology are available.


  • Entrance check

  • Museums

  • Conventions and expo

  • Events (music, sport, ecc)

  • Tourism (camping, resorts, ecc)

  • Gates and car parks

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