Swing TagPerforated RFID Label

Swing-Tag-RFID-Rotas per abbigliamento
Perforated no adhesive RFID label for indoor use. It can be either neutral white or coloured printed.

Swing Tag is a RFID label whom shape and printing can be customised on both sides. UHF technology is available for remote reading while either HF or NFC one for proximity reading.


  • User adjustable printing at the request of the customer.

  • Efficient marketing tool thanks to the chance of customising graphics and labels’size and increasing the customer experience by personalization of tag use(smart fitting room, talkative label, ecc).

  • UHF, HF or NFC technology are available.


  • Clothing and shoe

  • Enology and beverage

  • Advertisement

  • Body care

  • Museums and exhibitions

  • Retail

  • Anticounterfeiting

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