Smart Hang TagRFID label to be hung

etichette rfid
Hang RFID tag provided as roll, shaped as adhesive labels to fold in half to get a promotional no-adhesive tag that could be hung.

On Smart Hang Tag the customer can print variable data and RFID can be programmed to get the tag more personalised. It can be used to give to items a greater visibility or as item tracker or even for anticounterfeiting.

It works indoor, it can be either neutral white or colour printed and the shape customised. HF technology is available for remote reading while NFC for proximity reading.


  • Clothing and shoe

  • Advertisement

  • Body care

  • Museums and exhibitions

  • Retail

  • Anticounterfeiting


  • User adjustable printing at the request of the customer..

  • UHF or NFC technology are available.

  • The customer can print variable data onto the label and programm RFID.

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