Shoe TagRFID Label for shoe

Shoe-Tag-RFID-Rotas scarpe calzature
Perforated band RFID label to be fixed to the shoe through its laces.

Shoe Tag resists to water and repeated stress. It is available with adhesive zip and this version can be used as band suitable for every item, e.g bags, handbags etc.

It can be used indistinctly either indoor or outdoor, it can be either neutral white or colour printed. Shape and size can be customised. UHF tag is available for remote reading.


  • Either just perforated or perforated with adhesive zip edition is available.

  • Waterproof and resistance to repeated stress.

  • It can be used as band suitable for every kind of item.

  • It can be used either indoor or outdoor.

  • UHF technology available.

  • User adjustable printing at the request of the customer.


  • Events (sport, music, ecc)

  • Entrance check

  • Museums

  • Tourism

  • Accessories (handbags, rucksacks, luggage, etc)

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