Smartrac Belt tag inlay RFIDRFID Inlay

Smartrac Belt inlay tag RFID
Compact size and high performance in item-level tagging

SMARTRAC’s Belt inlays and tags are designed for global retail, industry and supply chain applications with excellent performance, including in close coupling environments.

These inlays and tags have a compact size, which can be easily used for many different RFID applications.


They are available with:

  • NXP UCODE G2iL chip that offers unique TID and is available with NXP UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ IC platforms
  • Impinj Monza™ 5 ICs, used in retail applications
  • Impinj Monza R6 and R6-P chips that come with an Autotune feature, which helps the BELT product to work at peak effi ciency, even in rapidly changing environments. BELT with the Monza R6 chip offers unique TID and enables pre-serialized EPC
  • NXP UCODE 7 IC chip
  • chip UCODE 7xm e 7xm+ con memoria estesa e supporto per 1kbit/2kbit di memoria utente e 448bit di memoria EPC
  • UCODE 7xm and 7xm+ with extended memory, supporting 1kbit / 2 kbit of user memory and 448 bit EPC memory. In addition, UCODE DNA is the world’s first UHF IC to combine long-range read performance with cryptographic authentication and offers 3 kbit of user memory and 224 bit EPC memory. All chips offer unique TID and enable pre-serialized EPC, parallel encoding and provides a product status flag.

These inlays are compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management, which ensure a reliable and state-of-the-art product that meets a variety of application needs, especially in the retail environment.

settori di applicazione

  • Industry
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automotive
  • Apparel
  • Brand protection

caratteristiche tecniche

Operating Frequency 

860 – 960 MHz

Integrated Circuit (IC)


Antenna Size


Standard internazionali

EPC Class 1 Gen 2 ISO 18000-6C
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