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MobiTrack the innovative solution based on RFID technology for controlling access to work areas such as construction sites, mobile construction sites, power plants, warehouses, refineries, etc.

Thanks to the IDnova experience, it is now possible to track not only the transit of people and vehicles, but also that of the passengers of the vehicles themselves.

It is therefore an effective tool not only for the organization of activities, but also for the management of safety in the workplace.

It is a plug & play system, easy to install, compact and non-invasive, which does not interfere with the normal activities of the personnel, who are not required to take any action at the time of transit.

The history of transit records, visible in real time from the MobiTrack console, can always be consulted, even with the application of filters, and the data can be exported in CSV format.

The system can also be interfaced with any third-party software.

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